FX Artist Responsibilities

The FX artist responsibilities include creating special effects, existence and other optical images for their successful implementation in movies, computer games and television serials. An FX artist lies under the family of multimedia artists and animators. He schemes intricate visual communications using his own creativity and creates and promotes multimedia system advertisements. He also manages the monetary funds and programs of the organization and assists the directors with perusing the advancement of active technologies.

He influences the colors and unchanging images with an intention to make the characters appearing in the movies very functional. He provides the audiences with imagination of movements with respect to all the characters and objects in the movie. He documents short notes, develops internet pages and pamphlets and comes up with multimedia presentations. He also marks the important scenes in the movie that need to be given more special effects. He has to execute many responsibilities, out of which the main ones are:

Qualifications and Skills Required

An FX artist usually needs a graduate or post graduate degree in multimedia and animation. There are many colleges that offer such courses. Though there is no particular route to becoming an FX artist, a talented individual is always the one for making waves in this field. He can also study computer graphics and animation design courses that are offered in various schools and colleges. Apart from all these qualifications, he should be comfortable working under pressure with strict deadlines. He must be able to manage many projects simultaneously and work overtime at times. Last but not the least, he must have good organization and creative skills.

Working Conditions

He generally works in film studios and computer software system animation branches where he deals with many directors, producers and other artists in order to give special effects to the movies and games. He seldom works regularly and follows a very irregular work schedule. But once at work, he performs and executes his operations for long hours and works on weekends as well.


He normally earns a salary of USD 48,000 per annum. But the location of his job, his job profile and the size of the organization he works for , matters a lot when it comes to the salary an FX artist gets.

Thus, the FX artist responsibilities include giving special effects to movies and creating new visual multimedia programs.

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