GIS Specialist Responsibilities

The GIS specialist responsibilities include making geographic maps that have governmental boundaries, transfer connections and environmental natural processes by utilizing computer software programs. He/she works with governing authorities, educational organizations and consulting companies. He/she enhances and runs the geographic, governing and ambience information grounds that belong to that particular area.

The GIS specialist is an expert in the field of GIS and makes and modifies the information grounds by executing math, pure math and statistical operations. He/she performs computer software map making operations, wherein he/she construes aerial images and places them back on earth science maps. He/she also studies and examines the various geographical attributed simulations and influences the information if required.

A GIS specialist has many core responsibilities. These are listed below:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A GIS specialist needs to acquire a bachelor's degree in computer systems and a minimum of three years expertise in geographic information systems with an erstwhile company. He/she must be optimistic and have good client service and problem settling skills. Apart from all these, he/she also needs to have good establishing and time administration skills. He/she should have the ability to execute operations under a team and adapt as per the work regularities. He/she should be able to work with other GIS personnel and should have a fit mind and body. Having good interaction skills would be a bonus to the company he/she joins.

Working Conditions

The GIS specialist works in an office that is properly aired, fresh and well illuminated. He/she is encircled by computers and autoloading functioning implements. He/she works on the computers for a long time and handles the keyboard, as and when required. His/her work can give him/her eye and ear defects. He/she works about 9 hours every day and five days in a week. This amounts to him/her working for around 45 hours or more in a week as per the work demands.


A GIS specialist may earn about USD 58, 0000 in a year. This is his/her average earning per annum and may depend on his/her location and qualifications. This may also vary from one individual to another depending on his/her skills, expertise and trainings.

Thus, the GIS specialist responsibilities include working on GIS system software computers and supervising the GIS plans of the company.

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