Graphic Design Specialist Job Description

Graphic design is a creative process of presenting or communicating a message through visual imageries. It is quite evident that anything present in the form of images attracts our mind in a better way than any written matter.

A graphic design specialist responsibilities involve creation of these imageries or visual presentations with the aim of delivering a specific message to us. His/her works are reflected in magazines, books, logos, movies, animations, road signs, product packaging, bill boards and marketing materials to name a few.

They work with colors, graphics, letters, illustrations, photos and fonts and shape the world in a way that they want us to see. These professionals play a major role in the success of marketing and communications objectives of an organization.

The increasing use of computers and several software programs have made numerous inventions and creations possible each day. This has an immense effect on the field of graphic designing as well.

Several computer programs like Abode Photoshop or QuarkXpress allow graphic design specialists and designers to manipulate images and create different forms of designing according to their artistic capabilities and requirements. A graphic design specialist may work in a variety of fields including print design, website design, advertising, product development, logo design, signages, etc.

Individuals working in this position play a supervisory role and differ from a graphic designer in terms of specialized technical knowledge and skill in graphic design, theory, and practice. A person with good technical knowledge and a creative mind can easily enter this interesting field. However, there are few other qualifications required for being successful in this job profile.

To understand those aspects in detail, you may refer to the sections below.

Essential Responsibilities of a Graphic Design Specialist

Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience

Any candidate applying for the position of a graphic design specialist must have an equivalent combination of education and experience. He/she must be a graduate from an accredited college or university with an associate's degree in graphics, fine art, or a related field. He/she should also have atleast two years of experience in graphics art, design or publishing

Technical Knowledge

1. Knowledge of software programs including, but not limited to:

2. Basic design, printing standards, technologies and copyright laws

Salary and Working Conditions

A graphic design specialist may earn within the range of $ 35000 to $ 45000 per annum. This range varies according to the size and nature of organizations they are working for; and the level of experience, education and skills of the employee. Some graphic design specialists also work on contract or on a freelance basis, charging a fixed lump sum amount for a particular project.

A salaried employee must spend a minimum of 45-50 hours in a standard work week. Extra hours of works including weekends may be required based on the need of the project completion within deadline. Duties are primarily performed in an office while sitting at a desk or desktop computer. Some instances of out-of-office work may also be involved.

In conclusion, we may conclude that graphic design specialist responsibilities should be carried out with dedication and accuracy to excel in this field of work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment rate of graphic designers is expected to increase up to 13% from 2008-2018. With the fast growing marketing, communication and entertainment sector, the demands for graphic design specialists are growing. Thus, potential candidates should aim to grab this opportunity at the earliest.

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