Import Specialist Job Description

The import specialist responsibilities include executing operations as an import expert in individually owned trades as a portion of the national government. When he/she works in an individually owned commercial enterprise, he/she makes sure that his/her trade undertakings comply with the rules and policies with respect to the importation of commodities and substances for individual business. An import expert who works for the national authorities studies and analyzes judicial documented reports and presentations of transportation and cargo and other related documented papers to make sure that they are in complete agreement with the rules and regulations of the customs.

He/she also scrutinizes individual consignments in storehouses and payload terminals. An import specialist makes sure that a nation that exports products, materials and commodities also agrees with the national policies and rules. He/she is held accountable for submitting the required data to the U.S. customs. An import specialist aids trade personnel in commercializing commodities and products in their nations by replying to their queries and giving data on the important certifications for importing into the country. An import specialist has to execute the following key functions, operations and responsibilities:

Responsibilities of Import Specialist

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

An import specialist needs to have a bachelor's degree in management or a related field. He/she must have acquired five years of expertise in a similar field. He/she also needs to have computer and administration skills. Knowing more than one language would be very beneficial for the candidate. He/she needs to possess the required certificates and must have good interaction, decision taking and trading skills. Having the quality of speaking well could take him/her to higher positions in this field and he/she would do very well. He/she should be motivating, honest and a team player and should have the ability to manage multiple undertakings under pressure at the same time. Finally, he/she also needs to have good judgment and team skills.

Working Conditions

An import specialist usually keeps sitting, while at work and may have to stand or walk for just 10% of his/her working time. He/she has a comfortable working ambience and there is no risk in his/her work. He/she works at a place where the temperature and lighting is enough as required. He/she is encircled with office equipment and instruments that help him/her in executing his/her job roles and responsibilities. He/she has to work fast and under pressure.


An import specialist grosses anywhere near USD 47, 000 in a single year on a median basis. However, his/her salary may deviate from one location to another and also depend on his/her organization, qualifications and skills.

Thus, the import specialist responsibilities include taking part in import operations and ensuring that his/her business workings comply with the regulations and modulations of imported products and commodities and with that of the business.

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