Information Management Specialist Job Description

The information management specialist plays a vital role in the management of huge database on information, maintaining and updating specific official records, etc. Managing the vital information and utilizing it in the right way by storing the created or gathered information in various formats is of prime importance to any organization. The effective handling of information specialist responsibilities, thus are crucial to retain the vital data and help in directing the functions of the organization that will assist in effective management.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Management Specialist

The role and responsibilities of an information management specialist vary depending on the type of the industry he/she is functioning in, and the level of responsibilities that need to be handled by him/her.

The basic and the most important duty is to safeguard and protect the organization's most significant and valuable information so that it can be accessed and retrieved whenever there is a need. According to their job titles, their responsibilities will vary a bit.

The various associated job titles are health information management specialist, business information management specialist, marketing information management specialist, etc.

To better understand these diverse range of duties, let us look at the following points mentioned below that will help you in getting a clear cut idea as to what exactly are the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an information management specialist in various fields:

Health Information Management Specialist:

Information Management Specialist in the Department of Navy:

Essential Skills

Educational Qualification

The educational qualifications vary depending on the type of industry the information management specialist is functioning in. For example, the one working in a health care field will need at least a successful completion of high school diploma combined with some additional certification or training. A bachelor's degree or some advanced education would also be preferred.

Work Schedule

The information management specialist works in a normal office environment with the duty hours extending up to thirty five to forty hours per week. He/she generally works from Monday through Friday and may need to work extra depending on the work load; sometimes in the evenings or on the weekends.

Salary Details

The average salary earned by an information specialist generally varies in between $35,000 to $92,000. The major factors determining the salary are experience, skills, academic background, etc. Other equally important factors are type, size and location of the organization he/she is involved in.

Career Prospects

In every other field that you come across, the management of information in that relevant field has gained significant importance. The opportunities are bright and the career options for advancement to higher positions are many.

Thus, if you have the right kind of skills, educational background, and are willing to make a career in this field, then handling the information management responsibilities will definitely be much more easier.

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