Installation Specialist Responsibilities

The installation specialist plays the roles and duties of an installation expert in a company or for the clients. He sets up different electrical and automatic systems, commodities, elements, commercial enterprise equipment and computer systems for the clients or for the company. He also experiments, sets up and upholds the equipment and machineries of the same. He may work in a variety of branches and trades and generally execute technical duties. He works in the company that hires him and may also work at the locations of various customers of the company. He mends various equipment and machineries of the clients and the company and abides by the safety rules and regulations of the same.

An installation specialist conducts safety and durability experiments on electrical systems and also places orders and requests for tools and equipmental machineries that are used by him in the work area. He goes to different customer destinations and executes his installation undertakings very responsibily. He is held accountable for the enforcement of various company commodities and makes sure that all the set-ups are done by him on time in a superior way. He does the same as per the outlined aims and objectives of the company. An installation specialist has the following main job roles and responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

An installation specialist needs to have a high school diploma or something equal to it. He should have received training on mechanics and should have good technical skills. He should be able to work on computers and make use of various software programs. He must have good comprehending and trouble detecting skills. He should be comfortable working with tools, ladders and in closed spaces. He should be used to work outdoors around water. Many installation specialists are not very educationally qualified, but may develop installation skills and related knowledge by learning from his seniors and may be able to qualify for this post. At last, but not the least, he should have good reading and writing skills.

Working Conditions

An installation specialist works in an ambience that is full of equipment, machineries and other stuff. Working from Monday to Saturday is his daily job and he should be used to working for around nine hours in a single day. He works hard in all kinds of weather conditions and seasons.


The installation specialist gets a decent average salary of around USD 53, 000 every year.

Thus, the installation specialist responsibilities and duties include setting up the machineries, electrical components and other equipment of the company and clients and ensuring that the same work effectively.

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