Instructional Support Specialist Responsibilities

The instructional support specialist is a position that provides valuable support in any special event or activity that is involved in classroom training or computer laboratory. The instructional support specialist responsibilities comprise providing direct or indirect assistance to the users who are using the current technology and helping in troubleshooting any issues associated with that system. He/she is responsible for providing leadership for all the instructional programs and help in directing, managing, and evaluating these programs to ensure that quality instructional services are being delivered. Thus, he/she plays a vital role in ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the curriculum, its assessment, evaluation as well as the development of the staff members.

Key Responsibilities of an Instructional Support Specialist

The instructional support specialist is responsible for providing all the technical assistance necessary to operate the networking systems, audio video equipment, multimedia and generally works as per the instructions given by the senior managerial or supervisory personnel. He/she works in close association with the subordinate faculty members and assists them in improving not only the traditional methods of teaching, but also the latest techniques involved in imparting knowledge through technology. He/she thus oversees and innovates new methods of learning through various learning management systems. To get a better idea, mentioned below are a few points that will describe in detail the key responsibilities that are handled by an instructional support specialist:

  1. To be involved in coordination and preparation of schedules, to provide assistance in maintaining the school or college data, updating it, processing of the grade rosters, and generating and updating all the relevant reports
  2. To provide the procedural assistance during various training sessions and workshops and to coordinate with the technical department to troubleshoot the issues and provide remedial solutions for the same
  3. To maintain absolute confidentiality about the relevant records and information and schedule appointments based on the priority and perform all the other relevant clerical and administrative tasks
  4. To handle the correspondence independently and distribute any related written material in accordance with the established procedures and ensure that all documentation is completed in a professional manner
  5. To assist in analyzing the needs and work out plans that will help in improvising the quality of education and model effective teaching strategies that will focus on achieving the desired results, thereby helping in achieving the educational goals and objectives
  6. To provide consultation and direct services to the faculty members and provide assistance in the assessment of progress of the students

The instructional support specialist also helps in monitoring, evaluating, and assisting the teachers to implement effective instructional strategies that will ensure effective management of classrooms and assist in delivering quality instructional time within the given time limits. He/she takes into account the problems faced by the disabled students and provides technical assistance in coordination with the teachers, principal, and other staff members to integrate with the normal students. He/she plans various behavior management plans, student transition plans as well as individual educational programs that will help the teachers and other staff members to grow professionally. He/she provides assistance in administrative duties like preparing the vouchers, monitoring, ordering and purchasing the required material or equipment and ensuring that the expenditures are carried out within the given budget standards, maintaining the inventory, etc. He/she may be required to handle and answer the phone calls, word processing, typing, maintaining the files, attending the training programs, etc.

Essential Skills and Abilities

The instructional support specialist should be updated with the latest technological development and should be eager to help the faculty members and motivate them to use these new techniques for ensuring better learning. He/she should be able to deal with a wide variety of people and should listen to their problems carefully and resolve them promptly. Excellent communication skills, maintaining confidentiality, demonstrating professional work ethics and a responsible behavior are some of the other skills required. He/she should be able to organize and manage things within the given parameters.

Educational Background

The minimum educational background required is a master's degree in educational administration, an associate degree in computer science, or any other related field would be sufficient. An equivalent combination of experience and academic background would be helpful and give you an edge over the rest of the applicants.

Work Schedule

The instructional support specialist mostly functions in a normal office environment and may have occasional outdoor work as well. He/she must be able to lift, carry, push, and move any equipment whenever there is a need.

Salary Details

The starting salary for an instructional support specialist is in the range close to $30,000.The maximum salary offered to experienced individuals with good educational background and skills normally ranges up to $59,000. It is equally dependent on the location, type, and size of the organization he/she is working in.

Career Prospects

The educational institutes all over are making efforts to combine the traditional education with the latest technology so as to meet the changing needs of the students. Therefore, in the recent years, there has been a steady rise to hire individuals who will function as instructional support specialists and assist in achieving the mission of the organization.

Thus, if you are able to handle the instructional support specialist responsibilities, then not only will you become a complete professional, but it will also help in ensuring a rewarding career ahead.

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