Knowledge Management Specialist Responsibilities

Knowledge management is the process in which the professionals in an organization come together and share their knowledge and experiences that can be useful for those working in the organization and also for the society and learning institutes. This practice is essential to bring efficiency and consistency in the performance of the organization by utilizing the insights gathered and shared with the people. Thus, the organizations invest a large amount of time and efforts so that it becomes easy for the professionals to benefit through the knowledge of others. A knowledge management specialist is employed by the organization to take care of these pursuits, and his/her responsibilities are to make this process smooth and useful for the organization as a whole.

A knowledge management specialist is a person who handles the activities related to the sharing and storing knowledge. This is done by calling professionals who want to share their insights and allowing them to add their perspective to the knowledge and experience they share. The details are recorded and stored in a digital format so that other workers in the organization can access it whenever required.

Sometimes, when people share their experiences, they also elaborate on the technical information that the specialist might not be able to comprehend. For managing situations like these, the specialist is required to call a subject matter specialist who can convert the information in simple words so that people who cannot understand the technical aspects of the information can at least absorb the moral of the story.

Apart from recording the information and digitizing it, the specialist is required to maintain the database and ensure that it is stored safely and is secured through encryption or an antivirus.

All the job responsibilities of a knowledge management specialist have been provided below for your reference.

Collecting and Structuring Information

The very basic responsibility of the specialist is to collect the information by communicating with the people who want to share their experience and insights. The specialist collects the information and structures it in a specific format that can easily be stored in physical as well as digital format.

Digitizing Information

The experiences people share are stored in a digital format so that it becomes easy for all the people to access the same without having to go through the files in which the same are stored in a physical format.

Encrypting Information

Once the information is stored in the digital format, the specialist encrypts the information so that it cannot be manipulated, destroyed, or otherwise get infected by virus, trojan, malware, etc.

Team Management

While working in a large organization, a specialist handles a team of people who assist him/her in various tasks. It is the responsibility of the specialist to lead the team members efficiently and provide them the necessary guidance and support so that the team efforts reap positive results.

Additional Tasks

Sometimes, the specialist may have to perform additional tasks such as delivering presentations during company meetings, recruiting and training knowledge management staff, etc.

Desired Skills

In order to become an efficient employee for this position, you need to:

Educational Requirements

An entry into this profession is easy if you complete your education with a bachelor or master's degree in computer applications or a similar course.

Career Scope

Working in this position can fetch you an annual income of around $61,000. The actual salary may vary depending on your qualifications, performance, and experience. The amount for performance incentives and other allowances also depends on various factors, primary being the organizational policies and your outputs.

Knowledge management specialist responsibilities that have been provided above will give you a crystal clear idea of the nature and scope of this profession and what you need to possess in terms of educational qualifications and skills in order to get selected for this position.

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