Language Specialist Responsibilities

If you have a passion for languages and are proficient in more than one language, then you can definitely take up a career as a language specialist. The language specialist is also commonly referred as an interpreter or translator. The language specialist responsibilities play a crucial role in transferring the thoughts in a written format and the ideas involved in it from one language to another. The prime responsibility is to make sure that the basic meaning that needs to be conveyed should be communicated in an effective manner. He/she is involved in developing and improving the learning style guides. He/she is also involved in planning, designing, marketing and facilitating professional development and in creating supporting material and gathering additional instructional resources. Thus, he/she plays a crucial role in delivering an effective and efficient support necessary to meet the needs.

Key Responsibilities of a Language Specialist

The language specialists may work in different areas like education, corporate organizations, etc. Depending on their work areas, their functions will differ too. The language specialist should be skilled and must demonstrate complete professionalism while doing his/her duties. He/she does need to handle a wide array of duties. To understand in detail the various kind of duties that need to be shouldered by him/her, here are few a points that will throw light on the same:

  1. English Language Specialist: This professional needs to plan and develop lesson plans and make effective use of various instructional materials by doing a thorough research work that will eventually lead in meeting the learning needs of the students and help in achieving the educational goals and objectives. He/she conducts evaluations of various programs and monitors them constantly to ensure that quality standards are being met. He/she researches for various materials that can be used in context of studies and helps in better learning and interaction with the students.

  2. Speech Language Specialist: Here the professional needs to identify and diagnose language, speech, communication and hearing disorders and deliver education services and programs that will help in eliminating, reducing, and accommodating the disabilities of the students that normally interfere with their learning process. He/she observes the students and conducts meetings with the instructional staff members and uses various assessment techniques to evaluate them properly and recommends strategies for improving the curriculum. He/she conducts sessions and workshops that help in staff development. He/she summarizes, interprets, and disseminates current developments in that particular field by keeping himself/herself updated by reading professional journals. He/she ensures a safe working and learning environment and also develops and displays a professional and ethical behavior. He/she is responsible for maintaining complete confidentiality of records and may perform any other related duties as well.

  3. Reading and Language Specialist: This reading specialist is responsible for implementing the curriculum, developing lesson plans, documenting the student's progress, and providing a constructive feedback to the students as well as the parents. He/she observes the students and provides them with remedial plans and enrichment opportunities that will help in better learning. He/she makes effective use of new learning material and demonstrates its applicability.

In addition to the above responsibilities, he/she plans and develops special project and serves as a significant resource for the faculty as well as administration on best practices. He/she handles administrative duties and maintains and updates all the records related to attendance of the students and their relevant progress in various home assignments, assessments, examinations, etc. He/she may assist in conducting individual or group studies to cater to the varying needs of students.

Essential Skills

Being a language specialist, this individual should be skilled in reading, writing, and communicating in an effective way. Good interpersonal and listening skills combined with good business acumen will prove to be a plus. Excellent planning skills with good organization and management skills would be an added advantage. He/she should remain abreast with the current developments happening in the relevant field. Good guiding and counselling skills with the ability to work in a team environment as well as able to function independently are some of the other required skills.

Educational Background

The individual should at least be proficient in two languages. He/she should be well versed with various cultures and should have a previous exposure of traveling abroad. The individual who is aiming to become an interpreter or translator may need an additional certification, and it would definitely prove to be an edge over the other competitors. Additional experience or internship would definitely prove to be beneficial. Those who have completed a high school diploma or have completed any interpreter related program would also get a fair chance.

Work Schedule

The professionals in this field may either be self employed or may work in professional or educational services or in government or healthcare services. Their work schedule is irregular and may include long working hours while some of them may work during the standard business hours.

Salary Details

The annual average remuneration offered is close to $43,000. The lowest salary offered for an inexperienced person is $23,000 while those who have demonstrated experience in the relevant field may get a salary close to $87,000. The wages may vary depending on the type of the employer and depending on the language, skill and experience. Most of them work full time while others may work on an hourly basis. Thus, the salaries fluctuate depending on the situation and condition.

Career Prospects

The employment opportunities for these individuals is expected to grow by about forty two percent in the coming years and those with advanced qualifications and experience definitely have got better chances for promotion to higher positions that promises a better salary package as well as professional and personal development.

Thus, you are now well aware of the various language specialist responsibilities that need to be handled and the relevant skills, education, and experience needed to ensure a rewarding career ahead.

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