Athletic Trainer Assistant Responsibilities

The athletic trainer assistant functions like a right hand to the athletic trainer and ensures that smooth flow of work is maintained even during his absence. The athletic trainer assistant responsibilities comprise supervision, coordination, maintaining the overall health and fitness of the athletes by preventing or minimizing the risks, injuries during their sports routine.

Key Responsibilities

The athletic trainer assistant is responsible for handling a wide variety of duties related healthcare, fitness and rehabilitation under the supervision and consultation of the athletic trainer. Here is a list of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by him:

  1. To advise and provide the athletes with the requisite athletic training and ensure their attendance during the practice sessions and competitions
  2. To be able to provide a correct report as to whether an athlete will be able to perform and attend the competition or practice schedules
  3. He is responsible for compiling,maintaining and updating the status of the injuries and the subsequent medical treatment that has been provided. He needs to submit these reports to the athletic trainer
  4. He ensures that athletes follow the rules and regulations during the training sessions and make safe, effective utilization of the sports equipments
  5. He guides the athletes on maintaining their strength, conditioning, and improving their flexibility. He also guides them on taking healthy nutritious diet, and supplements
  6. He provides guidance on the exercise techniques and ensures that they are best trained to avoid the risks of injuries and accidents during their sports schedules. He is also involved in the rehabilitation of the injured athletes

He pro actively chalks out an emergency plan of action whenever an athlete needs any emergency service or needs to be admitted in a hospital. He periodically conducts physical examination to determine the fitness level. He orders, receives, maintains the records related to the supply of the sports equipments. He maintains and updates the relevant inventory records. He ensures that certification and license requirements are met. He is the first person to provide immediate first aid to the injured athletes and apply all the necessary therapeutic protective bandages, paddings, strappings. He advises them on their routine diet, exercise regime, drug abuse and other relevant information. He may also assist in completing and submitting the formalities related to insurance claims.

Essential Skills

  1. To be able to work under the supervision of the athletic trainer and follow his directions.
  2. Should be able to work independently and supervise the team
  3. Excellent communication skills are important to maintain good contacts with team athletes, physicians, physical therapists, etc.
  4. He should be able to motivate and uplift the confidence especially during injuries or when they are feeling low.
  5. He should be able to plan and implement fitness programs and guide them on their health issues by designing some diet regimes to suit the athletes requirements.
  6. He should be always eager to help people, have excellent time management and organization skills and should be able to remain cool and take good decisions during emergency situations. He should be proficient in computers.

Educational Requirements

An athletic training degree, a degree in sports medicine or any other formal education in science or health related field like biomechancis, anatomy, nutrition is preferred. A master's or a doctoral degree would definitely be an advantage. Some may require an additional license, registration or a certification.

Work Hours

The athletic trainer assistant does not have any fixed schedule. It may change according to the schedules of the practice sessions, matches or any other relevant activity. He may need to travel to accompany his team. During the sports season his work hours may last up to fifty to sixty hours per week and during the off season it may not extend beyond forty hours of work.

Salary Details

Most of the positions available are full time. The salary generally varies from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the experience, academic background and the requisite skill set.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are really bright. They can slowly advance to higher managerial positions based on their performance.

Thus, athletic trainer assistant responsibilities are vital for maintaining the overall health and fitness of any team. These need to be executed appropriately during an emergency or during the rehabilitation of the injured or accident prone athletes.

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