Head Athletic Trainer Responsibilities

The head athletic trainer responsibilities include checking, scrutinizing and taking care of the injuries of the athletes. S/he works with the junior trainers as well and helps the athletes feel comfortable about themselves and the injuries they have received. A head athletic trainer looks after the overall training, maintenance and nutrition of the athletes. S/he administrates some low-level trainers under her/him and directs the athletes towards taking care of their health and other sports requirements. A head athletic trainer has many responsibilities and duties that s/he executes in order to make the athletes fit and win a medal.

A head athletic trainer is generally responsible for catering to the requirements of the athletes and taking care of various aspects of their life to make them victorious in the field of sports and competitions. S/he ensures that all the demands and needs of the athletes are met in order to emerge as winners of the competitions. Sometimes, it is the junior trainers who report to her/him about their health and running status so that s/he can decide whether they are suitable to particiapte in the athletic competitions.

Although a head athletic trainer generally looks after the vital needs of her/his athletes, s/he has some key responsibilities that s/he has to execute, irrespective of her/his location or the athletes getting trained under her/him. These are as follows:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A head athletic trainer should have a graduate degree in physical training or any other related or similar field. S/he also needs to have about 5-7 years of experience as a junior athletic trainer. S/he should possess a national athletic trainers association ( NATA ) certificate. S/he requires to have done some fundamental health and sports courses that ensure that s/he is fit to carry out all her/his roles and jobs of a head athletic trainer. S/he needs to have executed her/his past training and sports operations under a NATA trainer for around two years. Having assisted her/his coaches and trainers while s/he was at high school would give her/him enough confidence and maturity to handle the jobs and responsibilities of a head athletic trainer.

Working Conditions

This professional works very hard alongside the athletes inside rooms or even outdoors in all kinds of seasons and sometimes has irregular working hours and timings. S/he practices with the athletes and is also seen doing many kinds of movement and stretching exercises and activities. S/he has to attend to their injuries anytime as and when required. S/he is also seen instructing her/his athletes on the utilization of gymnasium equipment.


A head athletic trainer normally earns around USD 34, 000 every year on median grounds. S/he may earn even more or less than this, depending on her/his skills, expertise, years of experience and success. The more successful and famous a head athletic trainer is, the more salary s/he earns and the more lucrative jobs s/he is offered.

Thus, the head athletic trainer responsibilities include instructing her/his athletes on ways and means to make them perform better and taking care of their health and diet in order to ensure the same.

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