Head Tennis Coach Responsibilities

The head tennis coach responsibilities include supervising the performance of the tennis players and giving them tips on how to play better tennis. A head tennis coach also administrates and directs other junior tennis coaches with enhancing the performances of the players. He/she ensures that all the requirements of the players are met, so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.

He/she makes sure that he/she brings the best out of the players, leading them towards emerging victorious in different tennis tournaments and competitions. A head tennis coach gives advice to the players with respect to what has to be done before, during and after the tournaments in order to ensure that the superiority of the players are upheld or maintained for a long time.

A head tennis coach has the following key responsibilities that he/she executes on a daily basis:

Key Responsibilities of Head Tennis Coach

Qualifications and Skills Required

In order to execute the duties and responsibilities of a head tennis coach, a candidate must have a bachelor's degree, but a master's degree would always be desirable. He/she must have been a tennis coach at a high school or college for a minimum of three years.

Apart from these qualifications and experience, he/she should be well familiar with Microsoft Office, although training would be provided to him/her in the organization that h/shee joins. In his graduate or post graduate degree, he/she must have majored in physical education or sports management or in a similar branch.

He/she must also be well acquainted with the general rules and regulations of the tennis federation of that place.

Working Conditions

A head tennis coach is usually seen practising tennis skills and teaching and instructing the same to his/her players on lawn tennis grounds. He/she generally guides his players and makes them play and exercise abunduntly in order to build their stamina, muscles and strength.

He/she accompanies the players throughout the day and trains them for around six to seven hours, each day. He/she works in a hardworking, fast and dynamic ambience, under all weather conditions.

Salary Details

A head tennis coach draws a gross annual salary of around USD 35, 000 on an average. But this salary can deviate greatly, depending on the establishment, workplace, his/her performance, years of expertise with a reputed organization and number of qualifications.

Thus, the head tennis coach responsibilities include taking care of the tennis players, instructing them on how to play well and ensuring that their performances in tennis tournaments and competitions are exemplary.

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