Head Volleyball Coach Responsibilities

The head volleyball coach responsibilities include informing the sports administrator about the plans, programs and conducted games of volleyball under his/her supervision. He/she is held accountable for the behavior and performance of the volleyball team members who get trained by him/her. So instructing the team about the various ways and means of enhancing their performance and advising them to play better every single time are some of the things that a head volleyball coach indulges in.

He/she makes sure that all of his/her activities and instructions to the players are in complete agreement with the general policies of the place or organization, where he/she works. A head volleyball coach administrates and oversees the behavior, team arrangement and status of the volleyball team he/she is in charge of. He/she ensures that all the volleyball games are played in a peaceful ambience, where the players show enough maturity and sportsman spirit.

A head volleyball coach has the following key responsibilities that he/she executes very responsibly and carefully:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A head volleyball coach should have a bachelor's or a master's degree in physical education or a related field. He/she should have coached students for a few years in a school or college. He/she should also have good arrangement, placement and interacting skills.

Working Conditions

A head volleyball coach is seen instructing his/her team in a volleyball ground. He/she works pretty hard in a fast and active sporty environment.


A head volleyball coach earns an average amount of about USD 25, 000 every year.

Thus, the head volleyball coach responsibilities include instructing his/her team players on how to play better and ensuring that they follow a healthy diet to perform well.

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