Head Women's Soccer Coach Responsibilities

The head women's soccer coach responsibilities include monitoring and heading a contending team and its members to make them play successfully and emerge victorious in the football field. She supervises their performance on the field and administers their behavior off-field. She raises money for her players and recruits new talented and gifted players as well. She can be called as the overall controller of the team or her team members.

A head women's soccer coach executes some key responsibilities and duties that are mentioned below:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A head women's soccer coach should be a graduate in physical training, sports management or any other similar field. A master's degree is not necessary. However, it does increase her job opportunities. She should be flexible and fit. She should have trained a football team and served as a football coach in a good organization for a few years.

Working Conditions

A head women's soccer coach is seen motivating and training her team members on a football ground or field for long hours. She remains very busy and runs a lot, alongside the football team members.


A head women's soccer coach earns anywhere between USD 35, 000 to USD 39, 000 per annum on an average basis. However, this can vary from one location to another and also depends on the kind of organization that hires her.

Thus, the head women's soccer coach responsibilities include maintaining the welfare of her team members and providing them with all the possible facilities that can fit into their demands.

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