Front End Supervisor Responsibilities

Front end supervisor is a professional who supervises all the front end activities so that the organization functions smoothly. Front supervisor responsibilities play a crucial role in the management of the departmental functions which may be related to customer service, handling of cash, maintaining the inventory, coordinating with other departments, training the staff members, resolving the issues if any, etc.

Key Responsibilities of a Front End Supervisor

The responsibilities of a front end supervisor vary depending on the type of industry he/she is functioning in and the size of the organization he/she is working for. The level of responsibilities that need to be handled by him/her are largely dependent on these two factors. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a front end supervisor in various fields that will help you in getting a better and clear idea:

  1. Front End Supervisor in Food and Beverage Industry: He/she is responsible for overseeing the cashiers and should have previous cash handling experience. He/she should be able to provide assistance in product development and food preparation including beverage and baking services. He/she has assist in preparation and delivery of food and catering services and should work co-operatively with the other members to ensure that work environment is conducive to increase the productivity as well as efficiency.

  2. Front End Supervisor Duties in a Store: He/she is responsible for ensuring that the best services are being deliverd to the customers by maintaining a professional work environment. He/she handles all the transactions and the relevant correspondence like check approvals, refunds, gifts, discounts, etc., that require his/her supervision. He/she trains and supervises all the staff members and ensures that they comply with the given rules and regulations.

The front end supervisor ensures a neat, organized, clean front desk area and maintains it as well. He/she conveys the related issues of store management immediately, so that they are being resolved in a timely manner. He/she handles the damages and returns on a daily basis according to the standardized company rules, protects the company's assets, etc. He/she is responsible for developing store strategies that will help in building positive employee relations and ensures that the departmental budgets are being met that include inventory control, expense management, handling the accounting functions, etc.

He/she is thus responsible for providing excellent customer service and is involved in store administration, generation of productivity reports, cash and payroll related reports, maintaining and managing the price integrity, etc. He/she makes sure that he/she gets an accurate feedback from the customers, so that the services can be improved and there are minimum customer issues.

Essential Skills

As the job title clearly explains, a front end supervisor should have excellent supervisory and leadership qualities. He/she should be extremely well-organized and should have a multitasking ability. He/she should be able to prioritize work while ensuring adherence to deadlines. He/she should be able to articulate information in a way that can be easily grasped and understood by other staff members. He/she should be willing to comply with new procedures, practices, etc., and should be able to demonstrate professional behavior in order to achieve the business goals.

Educational Background

The minimum qualification required to be eligible as a front end supervisor is an individual who has completed a high school diploma or GED. A bachelor's degree may also be preferred and definitely have got greater chances for advancement. The individuals who have previous work experience in a supervisory position or customer service will surely have an edge.

Work Schedule

The daily work schedule of a front end supervisor requires him/her to work for at least forty to forty five hours per week, Monday through Friday. He/she may, however, need to extend his schedule, if he/she needs to complete some work on priority. He/she may need to work late in the evenings or at nights too. Sometimes, he/she would have to sacrfice his/her weekends and holidays for work related purposes.

Salary Details

The average minimum hourly salary for a front end supervisor is in the range of $7 to $9. The maximum hourly salary that can be offered for front end supervisors is $18 to $22. It, however, will vary depending on other factors like geographical location, and type and size of the industry he/she is employed in.

Career Prospects

The projected job growth for such type of jobs is much slow. However, if an individual is able to demonstrate his/her abilities well and has got a good supporting educational background, he/she surely has got better chances for promotion to higher posts.

Thus, if you are planning to make an entry as a front end supervisor, you must be well equipped with various front end supervisor responsibilities that need to be handled as well as the educational background and skills necessary to make it a huge success.

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