Usher Job Description

Ushers are required to guide people in their places where tickets are purchased; this is the main point in the usher job description. Ushers are important to improve service in recreational places like theateres, sports stadiums, etc.

Locating a seat, though may seem simple, can be quite confusing. This happens especially in places where there are seats numbered in thousands. Here steps in the usher to help you locate your seat. All such places with numbered seats have their own way of numbering the seats. They hire ushers to guide people who are finding it hard to locate their seats. This is the main task in an usher job description.

They check the tickets of the audiences, and they ensure that they are not carrying any outside eatables or any other banned things like weapons, cameras, etc. Carrying eatables is not allowed in theateres as they themselves have counters inside which sell them. These counters are also manned by the ushers.

Ushers also help elderly people to get into their seats. They need to know all about the event that is taking place in the theatre. The audience can ask them questions about the movie or the play being shown. During the show, the ushers have to ensure that everyone in the audience has switched off their cell phones.

They also have to make sure that unruly guests calm down and stop disturbing other audiences. If they fail to listen, the ushers have the authority to evict then from the premises.

After the show is over, the ushers have to make rounds of the seating area and see to it that no one has left behind any property. If at all anything is left, the ushers have to keep the property in the lost and found section.

They also have to keep an eye out for suspicious objects that may be lying around unclaimed. If they find any such thing, they have to call the proper authorities.

One important aspect in the usher job description is providing assistance during emergencies. In case there is an emergency situation, they have to guide all the people towards the exits or safety escapes. They have to ensure that all the people are out and only after that should they leave the building.

Ushers are important for hospitality in any place, and they help maintain peace and order in their workplace. The usher job description does not require them to be experts as there are great learning opportunities with this profession.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Usher

Ushers jobs are usually occupied by youngster wanting to make money during vacation or while studying. This job requires physical fitness, but qualification wise, not much is needed. The wages are good as they paid money per hour. They can also take extra shift if they like. One advantage is that they get good discounts on tickets and other things in the theatre.

Academic Requirement Needed for an Usher Position

Career advancement

Usher can get promoted to the position of head usher. Some ushers take training and become security guards.

The usher's job description is to guide the people to their seats in places like theatres, auditoriums, stadiums, etc. Ushers are responsible for the people to get organized and seated so the show can start on time.

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