Video Game Tester Job Description

With advancement in technology, video games have become hugely popular. Many professional gaming studios have millions of dollars selling these games, but it's not only children who play them, most of these games are purchased by adults. To test these games, professional testers are required. To know about these testers, read the video game tester job description we have given for your read.

Video game tester is not a profession you come across very often. However, this profession has been on the rise in the past few years as more video game studios are coming up. Testers are required to test any video game before it is released in the market for sale. The testers have to play the video game and the give their feedback to the designers and engineers on how they felt while playing the game.

The tester's job might seem fun but it is hard work too. They have to analyze the games closely, down to the minutest detail. Then they have to make reports for the designer of the game and then the changes are made accordingly. Hence, they play an important part in the development of the video games. This is the main part of the video game tester job description.

The video game testers have to know all about popular culture and should be experts at playing all kinds of video games. They should have good technological skills, and should be able to play the games with a keyboard and joystick. The testers also have to be judges of the game's storyline and look carefully at the graphics of the game.

There are many criteria that they look for in the game, and then they review it accordingly. This information is then used to develop the game further, and only after making the changes does the game get a commercial release. This profession is the perfect mixture of fun and work. For more detailed information read the video game tester job description given below.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Video Game Tester

Education Required by a Video Game Tester

Career Advancement

The testers move up in the hierarchy of the organization they work in. They become team leaders and later take up managerial positions.

The video game tester job description is lot more than just playing video games. It is because of their input that video games have become that advanced.

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