Waiter Job Description

Don't be fooled by how this job is portrayed in the media, this job is one of the most interesting jobs if you like to interact with a lot of different people. Plus, you get to be around one of the most interesting things in the world, food. See the waiter job description, we have provided for reading pleasure.

Many are under the wrong impression that the waiter only serves food, though, their primary objective is to serve food to the customer of the restaurant; they have a lot more work to do. The waiters are like the ambassadors of the restaurant, when they serve a customer well and manage to get a good rapport with them, they are indirectly advertising the restaurant and winning over a regular customer.

The media is guilty of portraying this profession in bad light. They have shown that people only do this job if they have nothing else to, or if they are not smart. However, to become a good waiter you need to be well-spoken, witty, and posses a good memory. Waiters are great at multi tasking and handle multiple duties at one time, hence, they need to have a good memory, and should be smart and not like how it is portrayed in the media.

The waiter can also posses few cooking skills and help the cooks in the kitchen if they are short on man power, or they can help prepare the ingredients before the arrival of the chefs like washing and chopping vegetables. The waiters need not be qualified, but they should have great communication skills. They end up making some great friends with customers, and besides salary, they also make good money on the tips. These are a few pointers, to know more about this job, read the waiter job description given in detail.

Duties and Responsibilities


Career Advancement

The waiters can become head waiter, training and handling teams of waiters. Some of them even get promoted to the management division.

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