Warehouse Supervisor Job Description

Warehouses supervisors have got a lot of responsibilities as the operations in ware houses have increased; therefore, read the warehouse supervisor job description to know about their duties.

Warehouse supervisors, as the title suggests, supervise a complete warehouse. That may sound simple, but is not, warehouses today are huge in size and difficult to manage. The supervisors have to be good at handling all of it and the many workers they have in the warehouses.

Warehouses are used to store goods. They are located near airports or seaports, as most of the goods are supplied through these two channels of transport. The good arrive at the ports and then stored in the warehouse. A company can have their own warehouses or they can hire the warehouse located nearest to the port. Most of them chose the latter option as it is more cost saving.

The supervisors have a tough ask on their hands as there are many companies that store their goods with them. They have to keep a track of which goods belongs to whom and ensure none of them get mixed up.

Another important task in a warehouse supervisor job description is that they have to keep a record of the time that the goods are going to be present, and they have to coordinate with the company that owns the goods, inform them in advance about the date. They will then send their men to collect the goods and the warehouse worker will load them in their trucks. The warehouse supervisors also have to keep in mind that if the goods are perishable or non-perishable, and arrange for the goods to be taken accordingly. They can even offer services like refrigeration for the companies that are storing perishable goods.

Warehouses are large in size and require quite a few workers. The supervisors, along with the managers hire people for this job. Educational qualifications are required minimal, but what they look for is good physical fitness as a worker has a lot of lifting work. The warehouse supervisors also train the workers in using machines like cranes and forklifts. However, the warehouse supervisor job description does not just end here, there is a lot more to it.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Warehouse Worker

Warehouse supervisors get a good salary as this is an administrative position. Their jobs are high in demand as trade around the world has been steadily increasing, and many warehouses are opening up to be able to cater to all the companies.

Education Required Being a Warehouse Supervisor

Career Advancement

Warehouse supervisors can be eligible to become warehouse managers where they get an even better pay.

The warehouse supervisor job description is to supervise all the duties that are done by the warehouse workers. They also have to manage the unloading, storage and loading of the goods.

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