Yoga Instructor Job Description

Staying fit has become the need of the hour. The problem of obesity has been on the rise and the number of people who are affected is increasing by the day. Exercising away the excess weight is one of the best and safest ways to lose weight rather than opting for dangerous surgeries, medications and diets. However, not all can do heavy cardio or other strenuous exercises. For them there is the option of doing yoga. These expert exercises can be taught by professional yoga experts. Read the yoga instructor job description if you are interested to know more about what they do.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise originating from the country of India. Yoga has been known to help people exercise without straining themselves. It is quite fast and effective and this is the reason why it has become so popular in the west. Many gymnasiums now offer yoga as a form of exercise with other unconventional exercises like aerobics, pilates, etc.

The yoga instructors have to teach yoga in gymnasiums or any other such places. They can also have their own private classes if they have the credentials to back it up. Firstly, they teach their students about yoga, its history and benefits. Then they have to teach some basic yoga positions that will benefit them. One important duty in the yoga instructor job description is that they have to inquire about any health problems the students are suffering from, as there are some yoga positions that might aggravate such problems.

Yoga instructors themselves have to be absolute experts in teaching yoga. It is strictly monitored as to who is teaching yoga and do they have the required expertise. Yoga, if taught improperly can affect badly and may cause damage. The yoga instructors have to teach each student well and carefully monitor them when they are doing any yogic position. The popularity of yoga has increased by leaps and bounds ever since Hollywood celebs have taken them up as means of staying fit. Therefore, if you are keen on knowing about this profession, read the yoga instructor job description.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Yoga Instructor

The education required is not at all expensive. The only thing is that they have to be absolute experts in doing yoga. They get employment in gymnasiums, health centre, spas, etc.

Qualification Necessary for Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Career Advancement

Yoga instructors can move up in the hierarchy of the spas and gyms they work in and get administrative positions. They can also give private lessons to rich clientele.

The yoga instructor job description is to instruct all the students about the proper asanas and yogic positions that will help them to stay fit. Yoga has gained a lot of prominence as it has proved to be quite effective and also has the ability to fight diseases.

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