Youth Counselor Job Description

In this stressful world, and increasing number of youths taking the drastic steps of ending their lives, the importance of a youth counselor has increased ten-fold. The professionals require a lot of qualifications, and should have a deep desire to help children and teenagers. For more information, read the youth counselor job description we have given for your read.

A youth counselor works mainly with children and teenagers, hence the name, youth counselor. There has been a huge increase in the number of young people committing suicide or getting stuck in addictions of drugs and alcohol. Youth is the most influential time in anyone's life and a wrong choice of lifestyle during this time can ruin one's life. Hence, youths having problems should take help from the youth counselors.

Youth counselors are also known as guidance counselors and are hired by schools and colleges. Youth counselors guide the youth in the right direction through the means of counseling. Children who are struggling with their grades or are displaying behavioral problems are asked to see the counselors. They also work with the parents of the child and guide them on how to handle the child. If the problem is severe and may require the help of a bigger professional, the counselor will also guide them towards the right psychologist or psychiatrist. Many parents are seeking help from youth counselors as taking help from other mental health care professional can be extremely expensive.

The non professional youth counselors could also be members of the church looking after the youth congregation. They also can be youth ministers, or people who have worked with children from a long time. They should be good in providing advice and should have good experience in working with the children, especially teenagers as they are tougher to handle. The money made by the counselors is also decent. To know more about this profession, read the youth counselor job description given below.

Duties and responsibilities


Career Advancement

The youth counselors with proper degrees can move onto treating adults as well. Their salaries with increasing experience, and later on, they can start their own private practices where they can charge the patients by the hour.

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