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Coventry is an English city situated 95 miles north-west of London and it is considered a metropolitan borough, the second largest in West English Midlands. It is the most distanced city from the English coast and one of the historical ones of the Kingdom, with a serious academic tradition. From an economical point of view, the city is best known for its motor companies that have largely contributed to the British automobile industry.

Coventry employment opportunities

The most traditional economical activity of Coventry is that of manufacturing motors and cycles. It has been doing this since 1896 and although it has dropped in amplitude since then, today people still have secure working places in the automobile manufacturing companies, such as Jaguar or Peugeot. In addition, the famous black cabs of London are produced in the companies of Coventry. People with engineering and technical experience, vocational professions, but also with managerial aptitudes, capable of handling operations in the actual process of manufacturing, but also financial aspects of the business and public related aspects, have got a serious job option in these companies. Researchers in the automobile industry also have a place in Coventry, since the research headquarters of Jaguar are in the city. The job is well paid and it provides a good level of security and comfort.

Another industry branch that had a good tradition in Coventry but is currently on a downfall is that of machine tools manufacturing. Large machine tools companies like Alfred Herbert Ltd or Matrix Churchill have flourished in this area, keeping today only a few employment options in the business. There is also a chance for professionals in agricultural machinery engineering and manufacturing.

Coventry is starting to develop economically towards the technology industry. The number of companies that produce electronic equipment, computer devices and other information technology products is increasing, creating modern, competitive and dynamic work positions. This industry branch is a good choice for young people with solid educational background in computer sciences and telecommunication. Other manufacturing activities in the area are in the synthetic fibers industry and in the aerospace industry.

However, the manufacturing industry is not the most important economical orientation of Coventry, although this was the situation in the past. Companies like those mentioned above are not the biggest contributors to the city's economy. Business and financial services started to win ground in the region, keeping the city in track with the general international economical development. Industries that are more creative have emerged, that include logistics, research, finance, design and IT strategies.

Being an academic city, with two universities, Coventry has a major young work force that is helping the town assimilate more modern work options. In addition, academic careers are possible in these universities, starting from assistants and lecturers and ending with management positions and research. Tourism is also helping Coventry's economy. It has historical sites, such as the St. Michael's Cathedral, important art galleries, museums, and cultural events that create seasonal or full-time work opportunities.

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