Dallas Jobs

It is surprising how developed this Texan metropolis is, in size as well as in economy and social life, since it has no water connection with any freight and no ports for itself. But this aspect is compensated by the fact that, during the world wars, Dallas had developed a large networking system of rails, roads and air transportation that made possible a strong economical boost from which the city is still benefiting in the present.

Job outlook in Dallas

The most developed economical sectors that provide a diversified and strong employment base, are the retail industry, the business and health care services, the financial services, defense, and also the technology industry. In these sectors you are most likely to find the most numerous vacancies, since they are constantly growing and are in need of new professionals.

These are also the best paid industries in Dallas. The business services, alongside automotive and engineering, technology and health care services offer employment options in great conditions, with high financial compensation and benefits. Jobs in these domains are available in large companies such as Wal-Mart, AMR Corp, Texas Health Resources, Citigroup and Texas Instruments; provide more than 10,000 employment positions.

Dallas is also known as the Silicon Prairie, due its developed telecommunication industry. This sector has been growing since World War II and today, there is a fairly high concentration of communications companies in the area. The Telecom Corridor is accommodating more than 5,700 different telecommunications companies, including Texas Instruments, Nortel Networks, Nokia, Fujitsu, Verizon Communications and so on. All these companies contribute immensely to the job market in Dallas.

The real estate industry is also a good employment sector. The population is constantly increasing and the metropolis is growing in size, and therefore, the need for new residential buildings and office spaces is prominent. Constructions are also a successful working field, since new buildings, some of them part of large downtown projects, are constantly emerging.

Dallas is the location of the headquarters of a large number of companies and corporations from all industrial areas. This means increased chances for professionals with high-position qualifications, such as managers, executive managers, department chefs and so on. Analysts and consultants are also in high demand for bringing their services to the large number of businesses conducted in Dallas.

The city is also accommodating a considerable number of shopping centers, with a density higher than in any other American city. This means a lot of sales and customer services employment opportunities and the context for further business development. In conclusion, no matter what professional background and experience you have, it would be almost impossible to find a suiting position in Dallas area.

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