French Jobs

Many people think that knowing to do something in life is enough in order to make a living. Only those who have professional ambitions go in this direction and, truth be told, it is really important to speak a foreign language. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. And French is the most popular. French, the third spoken language in the world has tremendous importance in the corporate world.

Why French?

Why should someone learn French? First of all because except for English, French is the only other foreign language that someone could use no matter in what part of the world he might find himself. Indeed it is the second language most frequently learned, after English and there are 56 countries in the world who have declared themselves as being francophone. It is spoken in no less than five continents.

Career Opportunities

The first thing that crosses one's mind when hearing about French is that a person could perform a teaching career. It's a considerable option, but French itself isn't enough. Special pedagogical studies are required, though they are not as hard to get as one might think.

The second best or easiest option would be the one of becoming an interpreter or a translator. But even those who know French without having special studies can pass an exam conducted by the Ministry of Education. It is obvious that there are plenty of opportunities for one in love with French and they are quite well paid since not everybody knows the language.

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