Hotel Jobs London

London, the exquisite metropolitan capital of England, has a lot of jobs available in the hotel field. You can find many jobs in the hotel industry and most of them are really rewarding. Let's see some examples.


Receptionist is the person who greets the guests who come to stay at the hotel. As a receptionist, you have to answer the telephone and direct calls to the desired room or guest. Besides this, you have to take all the messages and sort them in order of their importance. You must provide information to all the callers and try to convince them to come to the hotel you work for. Most of all, you are the person who deals with all the customers and you must be always eager to help them accommodate into the hotel. As a receptionist, you have to prepare letters, documents and schedule appointments. Moreover, you are in charge of organizing meetings. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the reception area is tidy and cleaned.

Hotel Manager

The hotel manager has to make sure that the standards of the hotel are according to the needs of every customer. As a hotel manager, you are responsible for coordinating all the operations in the hotel so that the customers will have an unforgettable experience. Moreover, you must keep an eye on the hotel budget and be careful how you spend it. You are the one who represents the hotel so you have to deal with all the complaints of the clients and try to solve them. You should organize different activities for your clients and make sure that they enjoy their staying at the hotel. Don't forget to train your employees and to support them.

Reservation Agent

As a reservation agent, you have to make sure that all the guest's enquiries are handled with professionalism. You also have to provide the callers with clear information regarding the services that your hotel provides. Moreover, you should make sure that all the reservations are accepted, recorded in the database of the hotel and confirmed by your clients. You can also deal with the guest complaints but make sure that you are friendly and don't forget to smile. Last but not least, assist and make sure that your department is running smooth.

Assistant Manager

If you are the assistant manager, first of all, you have to make sure the all things are in order in the absence of the manager. You must pay attention to all the things in the hotel so that everything respects the healthy and safety standards. Moreover, make sure to provide your guests with the highest standards of customer service. You can also come up with ways of improving customer service and leisure activities. Besides this, you have to support the aims of the manager. Pay attention to the staff so that the team can make performances at their workplace. Remember that you are a role model for the others, make sure you treat everybody in a fair way and train the new employees and try to be their friend.

Working in a hotel means that you have to work with people all the time. If you are sociable and hardworking these jobs are perfect for you. Don't hesitate to apply for a job like the ones mentioned above because they are rewarding and you can meet new people all the time.

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