Hull Jobs

Hull is only 25 miles away from the coastline of North Sea. There are about 300.000 people living there and they all have a strong bond with their history and traditions. Their main occupation in the past was fishing and they have refused to embrace what other modern cities promoted. Hence, the city has great economic potential which is not fully exploited and for this to happen some 1.500 new businesses together with over 15.000 jobs would be created in the next few years.


In the last years, manufacturing, water and energy sectors have reached a rate of employment higher than 4 percents than the national average. Manufacturing industry seems to be quite successful since it attracts more than 20 percent of the local population.

Still, if you were thinking that there must be something to do in the financial and banking systems, you might be wrong. The banking sector attracts less than 15 percent of the working opportunities.

However, health, education and public administration are on the rise and there has been a massive increase in hiring. The local University is offering various facilities for improving the research centers so both education and medicines are places in development which continue to attract working force.

The retail sector seems do be doing quite well, because so many commercial areas have been extended and almost 30 percent of Hull's habitants are activating in this field. Last but not least, the local port continues the tradition of offering majority of jobs to the population.

Other Aspects

Merk Seven Seas, DM Cocoa and Aarhuskarlshamn are a few great names you will hear in Hull. An enormous shopping center is about to be finished and with it, over 8.000 working positions are available. And together with the maritime transports a rail link to bring merchandises into the port have been initiated to double the capacity of the transports.

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