Indianapolis Jobs

Indianapolis, the capital of the U.S. state of Indiana, is the fastest growing area in the Midwest, and one of the most populous capitals of America. The economy of the city has been mainly concentrated around manufacturing industries since the beginning, but it lately diversified, including the fields of education, health care, tourism and financial services.

Indianapolis employment opportunities

The highly developed economy of this large capital city offers great job options and career opportunities for residents and foreigners. People with all sorts of professional training and experience can find suitable jobs in one of the many areas of industry that are flourishing in this region. Although the manufacturing industries have a long tradition in Indiana, the Indianapolis metropolitan area isn't very rich in manufacturing jobs, but has a high concentration of work places in wholesale and retail trade. Commercial activities are prosperous on the internal market as well as on the distribution market. Indianapolis generates numerous logistics and distribution work positions, starting with the driver and the warehouse staff and ending with the distribution supervisor and the client relation personnel, in renowned companies such as FedEx, working with other renowned companies such as, Finish Line or CVS Pharmacy.

Health care services and social services are another important part of the Indianapolis economical development. The high concentration of population requires a consistent medical and health care staff and determines work opportunities in social services sectors. Hospitals, NGOs, fund raising organizations, health care centers, they are all in demand of professionals with different expertise and different levels of knowledge and experience. Indianapolis is the host of a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, Eli Lily and Wellpoint.

Before the domination of Detroit in Automobiles, Indianapolis was the first car manufacturer in America. Large companies like American Motor Car Company or Premier Motor Manufacturing count themselves amongst the big employers of the city.

Businesses are also flourishing in this favorable environment. Especially real estate businesses, since the city continues to expand and the needs for residential buildings and office buildings are growing. Also, the city is benefiting from a well-implemented touristic strategy. Indianapolis hosts numerous conventions, cultural festivals and sport events, such as the Indianapolis 500 or the NCAA Basketball Tournaments. So people with expertise in tourism have great career opportunities in this area.

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