Job Contracts

A job contract is an official and professional document. It is mandatory for the employer to give a written particular of employment in form of contract to every employee. It is used for employee reference. The contract gives all the details about the job position offered. The contract consists of points like designation, job description, leave policies, probation period, rules for terminating the contract from both parties etc. All these particulars are printed on the letter head of the company and signed by the higher authority. Many times this contract is attached with the appointment letter. Employee can always go back to this contract if he or she has any doubts.

Clarity and authenticity are two points on which the contract has to be written. If there is any change in the contract, the management has to send a written notification in that respect to the employee promptly. The job contract can be used as a legal document if the company goes against the policies. An employee always goes through the contract i.e. the terms and conditions before accepting the offer. A contract is a medium through which the employer can assure transparency to the employees. A good contract of employment always creates a good image about the organization in the employee's mind.

Let's check the common components that are found in a contract:

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