Job Search Engines

Job search engines are tools for those who search for a job on-line. They are websites hosting job ads, coming from all kinds of companies, in the city the user lives or anywhere else in the world. They are meant to make finding a job a more easy activity, and a much faster one. As said, these tools are being used by both those in search of a job as well by those in need of personnel.

These job search engines are also known as employment sites. The first one appeared in 1993, it was used by 40 corporations and it was called the "On-line Career Center". The site stored the resumes as well as listed the open spots. Many of today's recruiting websites (another name for this job search engine) have this feature. One year later, software was created for the use of the companies, which helped them retrieve e-mails containing the resumes send in for the openings. Nowadays, this feature is incorporated in the service of the recruiting sites, and is offered either for those who create an account or for the ones who don't register themselves.

Anybody can create an account on most of these websites, either as an employer or as a person in search for a job (depending on their status). The recruiter has the possibility to post ads about the new offered positions at any time, they can do a search for resumes, if they wish to do so and also they can choose whether to receive or not receive e-mails about new submitted resumes that would be of interest for their company.

Those in search of a job can submit their resume on-line - there is also a tool that will help them submit it faster, they can browse for ads in any industry, they can browse for certain companies for which they would like to work. Usually, the ads will have an "apply here (now)" button at the end of the ad, but some might have it disabled if the person doesn't meet the criteria set by the employer.

Basically, all websites are free of charge upon signing up and remain that way. There are some websites that will offer more options or will ease the search or the applying for jobs activity, but only for a fee. Usually, this chance of making things easier for the candidate means that the site will automatically submit the resume to more companies and the company might not always function in the industry of the candidate's qualification. Some candidates will prefer knowing by themselves what they have applied to, so this feature might not be what they are looking for.

It is easy to see that the computer and the Internet made life much more easy for all of us, no matter of our needs: one cannot only find out news, talk to friends easier, search for a job, but at times it also provides an on-line job, still found with the help of an on-line job search engine.

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