Jobs in Gold Coast

From a modest holiday destination, Gold Cost has developed itself into one of the largest and most successful locations of Australia. Situated in a subtropical climate with numerous surfing beaches and waterway systems, intense night and urban life and interesting rainforests, Gold Coast is a natural source of profit and has depended on its resources to attract as many people as possible from all over the world.

Tourism Job Options

Although it is not an economical center of Australia, with diversified industries and big financial potential, Gold Cost City is nevertheless an economically developed region that offers attractive job opportunities for different kinds of professionals. Tourism is the main source of profit for Gold Cost. The city is visited by 10 million visitors every year, who come here to enjoy the 44 beaches and man-made canals, longer than those of Venice and populated with a large variety of marine species. The Pacific Ocean beaches are secured with shark nets and are open for safe surfing, swimming and other water sports.

Hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, health care centers, training services, media and local publications, small and large commercial activities, banking services all thrive on the amount of capital that the millions of visitors bring with them. And all offer job vacancies throughout the year for professionals with diverse background, starting from the receptionist and ending with surfing instructors. It is a great market especially for people who are searching for entertaining and provocative work places that can contribute to their energetic way of life.

Film job options

With famous studios located in the vicinity, Gold Coast City is an important film production center in Australia. This industry generate specialized working places, on the stage, in the production offices, in the construction sector or the editing rooms, wardrobe and public relations and in acting and directing. The government of Queensland supports the film and television production in Gold Coast City, through public institutions such as the Pacific Film.

Employers offer great possibilities and working conditions not only for Australians, but also for foreign people, of diverse nationalities. Gold Cost is a multicultural city, and this has also contributed to its economic development. Universities and schools offer education to international students and hospitals offer medical care to tourists.

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