Jobs in India

If you're looking for a well paid job and for a strong career, India should definitely be classified among the latest destinations that someone should choose. It is known that the Indian jobs don't offer qualified profiles, but, paradoxically, the Indian legislation imposes strict rules to the foreign workers. Nevertheless, India can offer some possibilities for those who choose to work here.

Obtaining a job in India is a subject that imposes complex rules and procedures. If you want to avoid certain problems, it is necessary to resort to a firm specialized in legal assistance. The expatriates who want to work in India should also make sure that the company will hire them in good standing concerning the law.

The traditional situation of the Indian labor market was damaged by the political instability in these recent years and by the global financial crisis. Legally, foreigners in India are excluded from certain sectors of the economy so as to confine them in the highly controlled sectors. The expatriate candidate must overcome the barrier of language and culture and must also take into account that the labor laws are very different and that the payment scales are very diverse depending on the worker's origin.

If you want to find a job in India, you must either be an employee in a company or have your own business. But the way to arrive in this point requires a lot of perseverance, time and money. Indeed, to preserve certain key sectors of their economy, the Indians have instituted very restrictive laws concerning the jobs for foreigners. Also, the success of finding a job in India is better served through the services of specialized agencies established in the country. Candidates with technical abilities have the best chance of being recruited by local companies.

The recruitment of foreign workers is mainly oriented in the areas of European gastronomy, English teachers, programming IT etc. If some specific technical skills are required for foreign companies operating here, the name of the specialty of these high-level technicians must be disguised under names which don't enter in conflict with the classification of jobs legally prohibited for foreigners.

If you want to find a job in India, you should address to the recruitment agencies. The curriculum vitae should be written in English according to the Anglo-Saxon standards and should provide sufficient details about the skills, experience and consistency of the candidate. At the same time, be aware that obtaining a job in India is not easy because even local companies must make a special request, before hiring a foreigner.

The Indian jobs present also some curious things. There is a list of some professions that are forbidden to the foreign citizens. We can enumerate: doctor, secretary, architect, accountant, guide etc.

The conditions of working in India

Under the Indian law, the minimum wage per month for European citizens is of about 1000 euros. The labor code prescribes two weeks off per year in addition to holidays and a day more per year for those who have worked at the same place for a longer period of time.

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