Jobs in Leicester

Imagine you in the 10th most populated city from the United Kingdom, a city that whose 40 percent of the population is represented by immigrants. A massive conglomerate of cultures, histories, tastes, and people in general. Moreover, try to understand what makes all this people gather in Leicester. If you want to move your whole life or even just a business in this part of England, we are not here to tell you what jobs are on the market right now. Because chances are they will not be there when you'll arrive. I would only like to tell you about the most flourishing and profitable sectors of activity, what places to visit when going there, after what names to guide your research and eventually to what companies to apply for a job.


Engineering is some sort of the salt and pepper of the Leicester's economy. Jones and Shipman is a company specialized in producing control systems and machine tools; Richards Engineering is focusing on making foundry equipment; the Transmon Engineering took the path of equipment for handling various materials; Trellerborg chose creating suspension components for industrial applications but also for marine or rails. They are all activating in Leicester and you could pay them a visit when moving there, to check the job openings available.


Shopping is a fashion for wealthy people and still a reason of joy for those less wealthy because their mad passion for spending money on more or less useful things makes more and more stores to show on the market. Highcross Leicester and Haymarket Center are two prestigious malls in the city where many small firms and businesses can find a place and where you could find a job. Imagine that only in the Highcross there are over 120 different stores, a cinema, over 15 restaurants and a huge shopping space of over 100.000 m2. Moreover, these two are just the top of the iceberg since so many other malls are to be found there. Sales and retail industry seems to be doing quite well so if you have studies, qualities and skills to help you enter in this field, it should not be too hard for you to find a job.

Food industry

Everybody needs to eat. For all of them there is one famous name: Beaumont Leys, the biggest brand of groceries in the United Kingdom; over 10 millions of crisps bags are daily produced but this is only one aspect. They are also famous for their pork pies -they come with more than 3 millions of them every single day.

Leicester has the biggest covered, outdoor, marketplace in the whole European continent and the local council organizes there cultural festivals in summer. Yet another prosperous business for you to take a look at in your job hunt.

Finances and services

Finances together with the service sector are something to keep alive every community. At least from the banking sector's point of view, Leicester is doing pretty well. There are some heavy names operating here like Alliance and Leicester, ICICI Bank, the State Bank from India, The Royal Bank from Scotland and KPMG. If finances, accounting or insurances are your specializations you could easily come here and look for satisfying employment opportunities.


Their shoe and boot industry took out on the market more products than in any other place of the country. They are also specialized in producing electronics, plastics and printing devices. There are plenty of jobs in this area so do not hesitate to search for details.

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