Jobs in Maine

The state of Maine has a large variety of career domains and offers employment opportunities for different occupations and career interests for anyone. The jobs offered by Maine are expected to increase in the following years. Some of the positions with the highest positive percentage include jobs in finance, health care, vehicle repair sector, real estate, service and hospitality, research scientists, and crossing guards. The shipping industry also continues to grow and the commercial fishing provides a lot of jobs.

Medical and Healthcare Sector

The field of health care is expected to grow in Maine as well. Medical assistants who are involved in performing both administrative duties such as billing and scheduling along with clinical duties are considered to hold the highest job growth potential. It is expected that the employment in Maine for medical assistant will increase with at least 60% in the next ten years. Other jobs that are available in the medical and healthcare sector are personal and home care aides, respiratory therapy technicians, medical records and health information technicians and physician assistant. Employment for these jobs is expected to increase as well, in the next few years.

Motor Vehicle Repair Technicians

Another field with potential growth in employment in Maine is the motor vehicle repair domain. Recreational vehicle technicians' job demands are expected to grow 50% in the following years. As well as the demand for motorcycle mechanics is expected to increase in the next years. Other jobs that have a favorable growth are personal financial advisors, massage therapists, self-enrichment education teachers, veterinary technologists and technicians, fitness trainers and aerobics instructors.

Major Employers in Maine

The major employers in Maine concerning finance, insurance and health departments are: Unium Provident Corp, Maine Medical Health/Maine Medical Center, Unium Life Insurance Co-America, Children's Miracle Network, University of Maine, Eastern Maine Medical Center and Health Systems, Mercy Hospital, Jackson Laboratory, S & D Coffee Inc., Hospital Central Maine Medical, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Club, Aroostook Medical Center, Sunday River Ski Resort and Faithworks Inc.

The employers who are often hiring in Maine are: ATX Inc. which has job opportunities in different fields of computer programming, web design and management, form design, IT management functions; DeLorme- jobs in ship designs and construction; UnumProvident- jobs in financial and insurance; The Jackson Laboratory which is the biggest mammalian genetics research center worldwide; Point Sebago Resort-jobs for qualified personnel in its Travel and Tourism services along with jobs including accommodation, retail or dining; Larkin Enterprises, Inc.- is always searching for people with job opportunities in various positions and The Aroostook Medical Center- which is a non-profit medical center that provides services for rural zones which are hard to reach.

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