Jobs in Malaysia

Working in Malaysia could be the best thing a person could do if s/he thinks about relocating and if an Asian country is the first destination on the list. The employment rate in Malaysia is very low, and this allows tourists coming from a European Union country to work even without a visa but only for three months, after which they can apply for permanent residency.

Of course, now you probably think: Where can I get employment? As usual, the big cities (Kuala Lumpur, George Town or Ipoh) are the first and best options, especially if you speak a second European language or if you are specialized in a certain field. There are four choices for a foreigner when wanting to get a job: a multinational company, a local company, for an embassy or for a chamber of commerce. Knowing the language will help a lot too, considering that there are a lot more work possibilities this way and you can find a job in other cities too. If you want to work for a local company, assuming you know the language, the monthly salary isn't very high: US$ 1,000 or US $1,500 but you should know first that one can live with such a payment in this country, but if you want to visit your family and friends at home during the holiday, you better forget the idea.

The taxes for the income in this country are pretty high, about 27% - 28%, however you can be sure you will not pay twice the same tax. Depending on your field of activity, getting a work permit can be difficult, however it should be the company's duty, but please remember that without it, you could risk not getting paid and you can not ask for legal support in such a case.

Of course, if you do not travel to Malaysia before searching for the job, you can apply online, and go there for the interview. The successful candidate will receive the "Employment Pass" or "Professional Pass" from the employer; this pass grants them the right to residency in the country. If the person is married or has children who want (or have) to join him (or her in Malaysia) they will need a "Dependent's Pass".

You can find a job in this country by browsing on-line newspapers (The New Straits Times is just one of them) or using international and local recruitment companies. The least opportunities were in aviation (only eight jobs), and other science fields- health care (about 100 jobs only). Of course it depends on the time you do your job search, as some periods might be in higher demand of employees than others (for instance there are far more ads for sales assistants and sampling girls jobs around Christmas time and other important holidays than during the rest of the year, in most western countries).

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