Jobs in Ontario

The second largest province in Canada for its size and the largest by its population, Ontario is the home of Toronto, famous for being the most populated city in this country and the home of Ottawa, Canada's capital. These being said, you can imagine how much success and prestige this region has, but also how difficult would be for one to make a decision regarding in which part of this region to establish oneself. Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor or Norfolk is probably some of your first thoughts. Here, we provide which are the strongest aspects of the Ontario's economy, with some indications about the most prosperous cities.

Energetic industry

They have many rivers up there so it is no wonder that the hydroelectric energy is a field that is continuously developing and therefore there are plenty of opportunities for employment. It is not just about making energy, which can also be obtained by fossil fuel or nuclear sources, but also about commercializing it for firms and individuals. Energy is something that everyone needs and if you are looking for a job in this field, you already know how important it is to be properly educated and trained, to have some experience and to be very capable of fulfilling your job properly. Depending on the position you will be working on, your life will be either at stake or the investments of important companies who won't stand by and wait for you to mess their electricity bills or expenses.

Other industries

We should be thinking at everything based on natural resources, transports and processing. Iron and steel are very much used, the industry of making motor vehicles is well developed, electrical appliances are needed as well. Ontario is famous for its ability in car production. They are specialized in creating top brands like Chrysler but also Honda, Ford or Toyota. Therefore, if you are passionate about cars you could find something to work either if it is about producing them, selling them or insuring them.


Careers in finances have much more chances for success, or let us say more opportunities, if you are to establish yourself in Toronto, the center of the banking and financial services industry. Finding yourself a bank to work at cannot be so difficult in a place that is considered a heaven for finances.

Information Technology

Also, look at their information technology field, especially in Ottawa, which is the so-called Silicon Valley region, a place where famous companies working with high-tech have established their headquarters. Moreover, do not overlook the government, which is an important source for job entries. It hires hundreds of thousands of people for all their various activities just think how many employment opportunities can be found in the capital, Ottawa!


Because of their large portions with cultivable surfaces, many people start building farms in some parts of Ontario and they invest in mechanized equipments to make their lives easier. Therefore, if you want to work for yourself and earn just as much as you have invested, try to find yourself a place in Ontario, especially in the southern part. There are many tobacco farms there. In addition, you might enjoy living in the country, away from stress and pollution.

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