Jobs in Sheffield

A few observations

There are more than a half of million people living in this second large city of Yorkshire. Sheffield has been voted as one of the best 10 cities in the United Kingdom for one to start a business, the first green city in Europe and the second in England for its financial incentives, which are extremely attractive. Like any respectable city, this one too started its development focusing on industrial activities and there was a time when Sheffield meant steel. However, you cannot live with steel for a lifetime, mainly when the deposits run to an end, so that the people of the city reoriented themselves to new industries. What is Sheffield like today, we are just about to find out.

What is the best you can get?

The financial field is the one to have brought the city among the leading centers focused on commerce. Abbey or HSBC are just two of those prestigious names activating there. One of the most profitable activities would be the one of call centers who gather more than 25.000 people who live there. Moreover, just like everyone knows, when economy rushes to the sky other industries tend to follow it. This is how a new segment has evolved, the one regarding digital and creative fields Zoo Digital, PlusNet, Designers Republic or Sumo are a few local names. However, add to these some more prestigious ones like ARM, OCLC and AutoDesk and you will have the perfect picture of what to look for when searching employment opportunities there. Keep in mind that one out of five persons that find something to work in Sheffield are hired by these two sectors.

Still, do not neglect the public sector, because in this city that continues to attract more and more people, three aspects need to be kept under control: government, health and education. These are places where more than 30 percent of the active population works in. They have two universities and departments for pensions-retired persons need special attention and services so look at this opportunity too.

Retails are yet another domain that seems to come quick from behind, together with distributions and hotels, which gather around 25 percent of the work force.

What Sheffield loves most?

It's sports. This city is considered the first one in the United Kingdom sustaining and loving sports in general. You can imagine how various opportunities come from working in economics research, sports engineering, sports and exercise sciences or sports medicine. In fact, there are over 500 businesses activating in the sports field in Sheffield with over 7,500 employees. Football, cricket, hockey, athletics', swimming or snooker are options you could look into.

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