Kitchener Jobs

In southern Ontario Canada, lies the City of Kitchener, but this was not its name at first. This city was originally named the Town of Berlin, until 1912, and afterwards the City of Berlin for the next four years until 1916, when an anti-German sentiment out broke after the First World War. As a consequence of that sentiment, people decided to change the name of the city after the Field Marshal The 1st Earl Kitchener, who was serving as the Secretary of State for War and who died that year. Kitchener is densely populated and has a moderate climate with four distinctive seasons.

Employment Opportunities in Kitchener

Those interested in finding jobs in Kitchener should consider the fact that the recent economic crisis had a big impact on Kitchener as well, mostly because it was a blue collar town. However, Kitchener fought to overcome all these, and to modernize itself and now it is a prosperous city with employment opportunities, especially in the service field. It is worth mentioning that the city of Kitchener focuses on a customer-driven philosophy, having a progressive and well managed organization. As Kitchener had worked hard and still does when it comes to development, the careers one can choose in this city range from engineering and planning to operations and IT, or from customer service to horticulture or fighting fires. Diversity is what defines this city in terms of employment opportunities.

Reasons to Work in Kitchener

Kitchener is well organized when it comes to employment and there are a lot of reasons that count in favor of choosing Kitchener jobs. Among them we indicate employee-manager communication sessions, held twice a year, during which managers and employees discuss about performance and development opportunities; health and safety, which is highly valued in this city; flexible hours of work, because the people from Kitchener are more interested in getting the job done that in when it is done. The employee advisory committee (EAC), deals with the questions and the concerns of the employees; wellness programs, Kitchener support the idea that one should live well in order to work well; opportunities for advancement, as the people of Kitchener know very well that it is important to have the right people performing the right jobs; statutory holidays, this city have more holidays compared to others and many other reasons.

Job Specializations in Kitchener

When it comes to choosing Kitchener jobs, one can apply to positions from a diversity of fields. Among the Kitchener jobs one can opt for, we indicate: sales representative, kitchen manager, bartenders, licensed security guards, electrician, office coordinator, product designer, payroll administrator, technical support engineer, cashier, project manager, renal technologist, service attendant, unit assistant, product support specialist, business analyst, registered technologist, legal assistant, tax analyst, bilingual retention account manager, team leader, territory manager and many other job specializations, all depending on one's educational background and skills.

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