Jobs in Kuwait

First of all, before going to live in the Middle East, you have to make sure that you are prepared for such a drastic life change. There are some things you need to be aware when going to live there, i.e., the economic problems and the racism you are bound to encounter, and the fact that homosexuality is still a punishable offense because most of the Kuwaiti population is of Muslims. The good thing about the country though is that it is a very safe country with a low criminal rate as the police force is very active.

However, if you have already made up your mind, you should know something about how to get hired in Kuwait and what is generally like living there. Just so you know, the official language is the Arab language and the next language used is English, which is very helpful for those not knowing Arab.

Kuwait has important oil resources, so if you can get hired in this field, you are set.

If you want to have a little idea on how much you would earn as an employee in Kuwait, then I will present you with some pretty old data, which seems to still be valid:

Of course, in order to work legally, you will need a working permit. There is a local sponsorship system that demands employers to get this work permit for their employees.

Another fact to be really aware of is human traffic: a lot of recruiting agencies actually recruit for human traffic, for either prostitution or plain old slavery. Human traffic is not prohibited explicitly by the Kuwaiti law, but if it is done against the will of the person, then it will be punished. Many of the victims come from East Asia and South Asia, although nationals of other countries have been encountered also. There have been reports that some foreign workers have been used as means of pay by their employers, that if they got fired or if simply they didn't want to work for their employer anymore, they were send back home by force.

Of course that in the recent years the government and the parliament have started to take measures against all these bad things from happening, but it is going slow. Maybe the easiest and safest method of getting hired over there and not having problems would be by getting relocation from your actual working place, or finding a job as a teacher through a well known and trusted agency.

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