Nashville Jobs

The city is considered to be a popular tourist destination and it also has several job opportunities in the affluent industries such as finance, transportation, insurance, conventions, biotechnology and film. The number of jobs in Nashville has multiplied because of its economic diversity. The region's economy is governed by several major economic sectors such as retail and wholesale trade, education and health services, leisure and hospitality and professional and business services. These sectors are expected to provide even more growth in the job opportunities for Nashville's community.

The city is situated along the Cumberland River and it is known internationally as the land of country music, however Nashville is considered the second largest recording industry in the nation. Another contribution of the larger economic impact has been made by health care, insurance, automotive manufacturing and publishing industries.

The jobs that are in high demand in Nashville are the following:

Sales Representative Jobs: This job requires a four-year college degree and courses in business, advertising, leadership and communication and exceptional written and interpersonal communication

Teaching: This job requires educational qualification and expertise in the specific subject being taught

Engineering Technician's Job: This is a job for which you must have an associate degree in engineering technology from a vocational school or technical institute and good communication and creativity skills

Truck Driver's Job: A job which requests a valid driver's license and a clean driving background and the ability to handle the machinery

Delivery Driver's Job: A field which requires a valid driving license and a clean driving background

Accountant's Jobs: A profession which require professional licensure, a master's degree and knowledge in accounting computer software

Construction Laborer's Jobs: A profession which require training on-the-job

Machine Operator's Job: A job which request training on-the-job, completion of an apprentice program or participation in a vocational school or community college program.

Statistically, the general jobs for men in Nashville are in constructions followed by health, scientific and professional services. For women, the general jobs are in health care, followed by education field, food services and accommodation.

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