Part Time Jobs

The part time job is a way of earning money by "molding" your personal program to the needs of the employers. It supposes in the same time your physical presence at work (whether that service means working from home or from the office). This type of job has several advantages: it allows a flexible program that will give the employee the opportunity of doing what he likes concerning his job; for example, it is a great opportunity to expand the network of contacts and it has no interdictions related to the presence of other jobs in the employee's program. There are also some disadvantages, namely instability, lack of a labor contract registered at the state, flexible and not guaranteed income.

In case of part time jobs, the employees can work on certain projects, which can be during short or long periods, but this does not require part-time employee's presence in a particular place more than a few hours a day.

What are the professions that may come within the range of part time jobs? Freelance is a part-time employee, whether he is a sworn translator, editor, publisher, designer, web designer or photographer, and the professions, which may be dependent on some longer projects, can join him: the seasonal occupations such as sales agent, operator interview, promoter, email or call center operator who began to be increasingly demanded on the labor market.

These part time jobs are beneficial for companies that do not have to hire people who are not useful after the project has ended and, in addition, provide a work force, which can be anytime employed in a full-time regime. Therefore, many of those who have started part-time collaborations with various companies have become full-time employees in these companies later on. In addition, if you employ students in part time jobs, these employers may receive financial incentives offered by the state for youth employment.

Are you a student or employee and you want to earn extra money? You can find a part time job, within various projects or supplying certain activities several hours a day. Even if the majority of the companies prefer the full-time employees, there are also some offers available on the market for those who dispose only of several free hours a day and want to earn some extra money.

The system of part time jobs represents an advantage for those who work in the IT domain. Even if these part time positions have been firstly restructured and the companies are actually focusing on full-time employees, you can also find several jobs for extra money. Those who are seeking a part time job are especially young people and students.

Examples of part time jobs: PC operator, call-center operator, manager assistant, promoter, sales agent etc.

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