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Researchers are usually scientific experts that prolong their academic careers in different research areas and opportunities. To be a researcher is not a job of choice, success isn't very close in this type of career for people who wake up one morning and decide they want to be scientists. Years of study, examinations, publications in specialized journals and relations with the scientific community are required in order to really have a place in the research world.

Researchers spend most of their time in laboratories or studying books and scientific publications. They work at a theoretical level with practical application of different ideas in laboratory experiments. Although their work doesn't have a direct effect on our everyday lives, many discoveries made by different researchers in different fields have indirectly contributed to the improvement of our life.

Research Career Options

Researchers have career opportunities in different professional directions and environments. Most of the researcher jobs are also academic jobs that include teaching and academic administration. There are university scientific researchers that, while helping students learn different sciences, conduct their own scientific research, independent of any constraint, other than the obvious budgetary one. These are secure long term research positions that can lead to important discoveries; discoveries that demand a long period of research time.

Some of the university scientific researchers discover new things with commercial potential, and they set up their own business and develop products based on the results of the research. These are the scientific entrepreneurs, who can either continue their academic research careers while managing a business, or they can choose a whole new career as businessmen, developing, marketing and selling products and services based on their discoveries.

Another research career option is that of government researcher. Experts in different fields are employed by the government to conduct research on predetermined subjects and within strict time and budget limits. Usually, the contracts are short-termed and the job isn't very secure because of this. They don't have the liberty of academic researchers, but they are usually better-paid.

Even better-paid are the industrial sciences researchers. These are private sector employers and scientists that are more interested in turning research conclusions into real practical products. In most of the cases, the industry scientists are employed in pharmaceutical companies, and they are in charge with studying and developing new drugs and treatments. They can also research the food-industry and experiment with different food-elements and techniques in order to improve or diversify the things that we eat or the methods that bring food to us. These are also unsecured research jobs, since the work is done on projects that could easily be canceled because of commercial viability reasons.

Research jobs offer great opportunities of career changing. You don't need to worry that if research was you're career choice, you're stuck in a laboratory for the rest of your life. For example, technology transfer professionals help researchers develop products for commercial use, keeping them involved in the business area as well as in the scientific area.

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