Sainsbury's Jobs

Sainsbury's is the second biggest supermarkets chain activating in the U. K., holding the monopole on more than 16 percent of the market.

Founded way back in 1869 by the initiative of John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury, husband and wife, the supermarket was, at the beginning of the 90s, the largest retailer of groceries from the United Kingdom, but only five years later, he was beaten by Tesco. Still, Sainsbury's is a force on the market, offering a lot of job entries and this is why we are going to talk a bit about it.

Store roles

This one is a generic term used for various positions inside a store, beginning with apprenticeships and ending up with night shift workers. There are plenty of opportunities in this field, but the most important aspect would be for the candidate to be keen on activating in an environment that involves permanent contact with the customer. Some of the most popular benefits when working in one of those positions are a colleague discount card, the ability of making savings at the work place, parental leave, annual bonus schemes and even awards for long services.

Store management

This is probably the most important aspect when working in this chain of supermarkets because the managers are the ones to take the most important decisions, therefore highly necessary for the candidates to have a lot of experience, a strong and powerful personality and the ability of making right commercial judgments. On this chapter, too there are various positions: store manager, HR manager, department manager, pharmacy manager, deputy store manager and so far.

Store formats

This chain has divided its stores into three main types: one would be the so called Main Mission, focused on the regular stores that represent the classical image of Sainsbury's; another one would regard some convenience stores together with other smaller supermarkets that are usually situated only in urban locations, formerly known as the Mixed Mission • they are called Sainsbury's Central or Sainsbury's Local; and last but not least there are the hypermarkets, the Main Plus Sainsbury's locations.

At the end of 2010, the chain had a number of 872 locations, from which 335 were convenience stores and the rest were supermarkets. Moreover, they are, in generally, situated in the southeast part of the country and around London.


Imagine how many different products you can find in over 800 locations around the country. There are about 700 different lines, most of them food lines, but also stationery or toiletries. They have their own unique design, based on a combination between white and orange, as simple as possible, as well as a smart strategy of keeping the prices as lower as possible and, as a consequence, to attract more and more clients.

If you are interested in what they call TTD, meaning to taste some different products, there is a line of premium food containing more than 1.000 products, many of them being about made meals.

From the category of personalized products there are specially designed offers for kids, the BGTY line of goods with low calories that make you "be good" to… yourself, the so much interesting and useful Freefrom products, for those who suffer from specific allergies, and which are generally without wheat or gluten and also a line with organic products.

Sainsbury's offers multiple possibilities in terms of job opportunities so if you are interested in joining their family, look for the closest location to your home and apply with confidence.

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