Saint John Jobs

One of the oldest incorporated cities in Canada and the largest city from New Brunswick is Saint John, also called Ville de Saint John. It is additionally good to know that the "Saint" form the title is not abbreviated to St., because in this way it can be confused with another city, namely St. John's that is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, also in Canada. Saint John is situated at the mouth of the St. John River and along the shore of the Bay of Fundy. This city enjoys a humid continental climate, the temperature in winter as well as in summer depends on the proximity to the Bay of Fundy.

The Economy of Saint John

In order to indicate the Saint John jobs a person can choose from, we should first describe a little bit the economy of the city, so as to see which industries are very well developed in the area and which are not present at all. The most important aspect we should mention when it comes to Saint John is that it is known as the industrial powerhouse of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. The Maritime Provinces of Canada or the Canadian Maritimes, consist of three provinces, namely Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

K.C. Irving, who built an industrial conglomerate in this city, was interested in shipbuilding, oil, media, forestry and transportation. His companies are still the dominant employer when it comes to Saint John. Apart from the Irving companies, other places where people can find a job in Saint John are the Port of Saint John, the New Brunswick Power Corporation, the Moosehead Brewery, the Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation and others. The Moosehead Brewery is an independent brewery, being the only one distributed nationally in Canada. The New Brunswick Power Corporation operated in the field of power, and administers three electrical generating stations in the region.

Job Specializations in Saint John

Just as in any other city, there are a lot of domains one can choose from when he or she is interested in finding a job, but most of the employment can be done at the companies mentioned above. When referring to job specializations or what Saint John jobs one can apply for, we should indicate the following: design engineer, senior systems analyst, operator, administrative accounting professional, insurance portfolio analyst, service technician, billing clerk, project manager, fitter, driver merchandise, security sales representative, team leader, mortgage specialist, appraiser, building superintendent, strategic analyst, water and waste water technician, operations engineer, procurement manager, quality assurance manager, exploitation engineer, drilling engineer, drilling superintendent, corrosion specialist, regulatory technician, piping designer, news editor, office reception clerk, legal administrative assistant and many others.

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