Scotland Jobs

If you are thinking about relocating to Scotland, it is not a bad choice. There are many friendly people there, and Scotland is a beautiful country. There are also many career opportunities there, for all kinds of people. Here are some things you should know if you want to work in Scotland.

If you want to find a job in Scotland, the first step would be to go to a job agency. Luckily, many job agencies in the UK work in Scotland as well, so you may try that way. Many newspapers regularly post job advertisements, so buy as many newspapers as you can, and check the advertisement sections. You may be able to find jobs that fit your criteria.

If you think that buying newspapers is outdated, you could always try job-searching engines. There are many sites, which can be great help to a job seeker. Do not neglect the specialized job sites in Scotland. You have to first sign up, then set up your email alerts and the jobs will be delivered straight into your inbox. Do not forget to search for jobs that have offices in your area.

Social connections are always a good way of finding a new job. Once you move to Scotland, make friends, and they may be able to help you. Social networking is very important. Any person you meet could potentially recommend you for an open position even someone you just met! Scottish people are friendly and do not mind to help other people, so try your luck.

If you are specialized on a certain work domain and do not want to change fields, you can try to directly contact the companies who are hiring. Send them a resume, or even better, go there and leave your resume to an HR person.

Most of the laws and rules that exist in the UK are the same in Scotland, and this is true for the working legislation as well. So get accustomed to the British law and you will be fine.

In Scotland, people do not like to work overtime unless they really need to. The working hours follow the usual 40 hours a week schedule, and the weekends are most likely off. The work benefits are usually good for most companies, and the salaries are sufficient to make a good living. If you come from Russia, you will be surprised at how much the Scottish population earns.

There are of course, all kinds of jobs available in Scotland, some of the most popular ones are nurses -medical personnel and good nurses are always needed in Scotland such as construction workers, housekeeping jobs, and jobs in finances. Retail workers are needed, as well so if you work in one of these fields, you are set.

The job market in Scotland is good. There are many real work opportunities, and Scotland is friendly country, so you will have no problem adjusting to their way of living and working.

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