United Nations Jobs

The United Nations is the only organization which accepts applications from candidates without taking into account their citizenship. Working for the institutions of the United Nations is definitely a reason to be proud of, as these positions are not so easy to access and occupy. In the following lines, we will take a look at a few jobs within the U.N.

Human Resources Officer

As a Human Resource Officer, you will be requested to maintain and update workforce databases and provide all the necessary assistance concerning staff issues. All the projects concerning the personnel improvement strategies and campaigns will also fall under your responsibility. You will have to carefully analyze the data flow and the decision process that have to do with your department.

In order to be considered eligible for the job, you must have a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or in Behavioral Sciences, at least five years of experience in the field, strong communication and presentation abilities, ability to analyze and synthesize large amounts of data, good knowledge of the standard HR procedures, a pro-active approach and willingness to learn, together with a rich imagination and an ability to build strong working relationships.

Financial officer

If you already are a financial officer, then you could consider changing your workplace for a better one, located with The International Finance Corporation, Washington D.C. There, you will have to assist the senior financial officers in making the necessary decisions concerning the transactions. You will also be representing the institutions with clients, agencies, private investors and government institutions.

You will also have to prepare the necessary documentation, for the transaction process to run as smoothly as possible. In order to be selected, you will need a university degree, together with at least 5 years of experience in the field, great attention to details, motivation and self-discipline, fluency in English and a good knowledge of other foreign languages.

Operations officer

The same institution as above, that is The International Finance Corporation, is also looking for an operations officer for its headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia. The main responsibility involves the management of the local investments so as to help the government improve the business environment.

The conditions for getting the job are pretty strict: you must have an advanced degree in economics, finance, law or other relevant domain, you must possess at least seven years of relevant working experience and you also must prove that you have good communication and presentation skills, together with fluency in English and willingness to travel.

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