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Australia is not just a country, but also a continent. In addition, on this continent you can find other states, too. One of them is Victoria, a place you might find very interesting for various reasons, even though the most important of them would be the fact that it is the smallest Australian state from the inland ones, but it still takes the second places regarding the number of citizens. In addition, three quarters of the population is concentrated in the capital, which is Melbourne. In addition, for things to surprise you even more, Victoria is known to have the second largest economy on the continent, the first position being taken by New South Wales.

Activity sectors

This is how things look like in Victoria: the sectors that make the biggest number of employments in the state are personal services, community services and social services. Still, there are some other sector coming up with the highest productions, and we are talking about property services, insurances and finances.

About 30 percent of the active population in Victoria works in social, personal or community services. Sales and retail trades take the next level in the top of activities, while the third is represented by what has been already mentioned that comes with the biggest incomes such as insurances, finance and property. Then came manufacturing, construction, transports and communications, agriculture and finally government positions.


With such a density of population, it is obvious that a solid infrastructure system needed to be created. This is why now there is a well-developed network of roads and a rail system that includes both public and private operators. They also have a tram network famous for being the largest in the world, which is now operated from Yarra Trams. They obviously have an airport in Melbourne, which is used by most of the population, while their second used and busy airport is Avalon. Moreover, watch out: Hamilton, Mount Hotham, Mildura and Portland are the rest of the airports in the country that operate with domestic scheduled flights. In addition, add to all these another 27 different airports that work without scheduled flights. Moreover, since they are at the ocean, they have a port, the largest on the continent working with general cargo and containers at the mouth of Yarra, in Melbourne. Again, add Portland, Westemport Bay and Geelong to this one.

Working in the transport sector can be a real opportunity for someone who decides to move to Victoria.


Such a small country with so great accomplishments has to attract many tourists. Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula, the so called Great Ocean Road, the alpine region and the wine regions that can be seen all across the state are just a few of the most famous touristic attractions. People come here for scuba diving, hand gliding, ballooning with hot air balloons or gliding. The sports and cultural tourism flourish here and even though the majority of the events have to do with Melbourne, you can hardly say there is nothing else to do in other cities. So working as a tourist guide, a translator, or getting a position in some hotels, bars, casinos are other options for those who look for a job.

Football, tennis, cricket, swimming, the famous Australian Open tournament and the Grand Prix of Formula One are just a few major events that take place every year and for which they always need workers.

As you can see, Victoria has many employment opportunities; all you need to do is take your pick.

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