Acknowledgement Letter to Confirm Receipt of Documents

An individual usually submits documents to banks, brokers, financial institutions, offices, etc. The authority in the office where you have submitted your documents writes this letter to let you know that documents have reached the right place. This letter assures the person that his work will be done as the primary requirement of documents is already done and the process will begin soon.

These documents are used for verifying your financial details and credit history before a loan proposal is sanctioned. The letter has to convey that the documents have been received and how much time will be required to complete the formalities for a loan.

Kimberly Clark
Manager, Credit Division
Barclays Bank
6330 Brooklyn Boulevard
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
(763) 503-3534


Kevin Carter
Marketing Manager
Reed Oils Limited
528 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423

Dear Mr. Carter:

I'm writing this letter to acknowledge the receipt of documents from your office. I'm happy that you were prompt in sending the documents. They are as follows:

  • Photocopies of a Driving License
  • Photocopies of your House Agreement
  • Photocopies of your Salary Slip

As per your demand, I have submitted the documents. We will be working on the loan application you have submitted. After the verification of documents and other formalities, the loan will be sanctioned on your name.

I will assure you that we will take up your proposal as soon as possible. I understand your financial difficulties and will help you in sorting them out with a mortgage loan. I will do everything possible for your loan as you have been a valuable customer of the bank for a long time. Our bank has helped people get out of financial difficulties for last fifty years.

I will get back to you once the loan process begins. I will be happy if I can help you in some way. If I have any queries, I will contact you on phone or through email.

Yours sincerely,

Kimberly Clark

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