Apology Letter for Over Shipment of Merchandise

This apology letter is written to say sorry for over shipment of merchandise. This letter helps the other party to know that you understand their problem and have taken steps to solve it. You have already sent your team to pick up the over shipped goods from the warehouse. This letter will give some relief to the organization and can work as one of the means for damage control.

If you write the letter immediately after the error then you can salvage your pride by assuring the company such a thing will not happen in future. This will help you in getting back the confidence that was lost due to the incident. The letter has to be direct and to the point. It should have soft and positive tone.

Joseph White
Operations Manager
Atlas Foods Limited
400 West University Boulevard,
Dallas, TX,
United States
(214) 459-2363

October 19, 2009

Mark Smith
Store Manager
Allan Supermarkets Limited
5954 Luther Lane,
Dallas, TX,
United States
(214) 368-0400

Dear Mr. Smith,

Please accept our sincere apologies for over shipment of merchandise. Your purchase order (No. HJ 14789) dated October 15, 2009 had demanded 45 cartons of potato chips, 50 cartons of cheese snacks and 65 cartons of butter cookies. Instead of that we delivered 100 cartons of each of the food products to your supermarket on October 17. We understand that this delivery has left no space in your ware house.

The Supply manager at our company is new and he mixed the two orders that we had received from your supermarket and other daily store. He realized the mistake when the daily store called up for not receiving the order. We have given you a flat discount of 25% on this purchase order. We have sent our team to lift the excess product from your warehouse. The work will be done in a day or two i.e. by October 21.

Our professional relationship has flourished due to mutual understanding and trust. We have been serving you for last five years. Such a thing never happened in the past. We regret for what happened with this purchase order. We assure you that nothing of this sort will happen in future. Thanks for your cooperation.

Once again, we are really sorry for the inconvenience caused due to shipping goods in excess of your order. Looking forward to meet you and apologize personally.


Joseph White

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