Appreciation Letter

An appreciation letter is written to encourage someone for his/her performance. You can appreciate a person for the help and support that he/she gave you in difficult times. You just need to thank him/her through this letter. Writing such a letter and receiving such a letter both are special occasions. So make the use of right words to draft this letter in an effective manner.

Promptness and honesty are two key areas when you write this sort of letter. You have to be direct and precise in the act of thanking. Always make sure that the letter is addressed to the person who has helped you.

A Sample Appreciation Letter

(Print the letter on company's letter head)

Roger Wright
Rotary Club
626 North Columbia Center Boulevard,
Kennewick, WA,
United States
(509) 736-6888

May 10, 2009

Amanda Madison
Women Studies Center
351 Industrial Park Boulevard,
Endicott, NY,
United States
(607) 757-2420

Dear Ms. Madison,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for accepting our invitation and participation in a seminar on "Gender Biases at Work Place" in Chicago. The entire organizing committee has asked me to convey their appreciation for your fabulous participation and the support that you gave us in making the seminar a success.

The efforts that you took to be part of the conference are worth appreciating. You took time out of your busy schedule and made yourself available on a very short notice. The presentation of your research paper on "How gender biases do happen in various organizations even in twenty-first century?" was really good and showed your knowledge in the field of women studies.

I, as one of the members of organizing committee, had a fabulous time with you. It was a learning process for me and I really had fun. It was indeed a pleasure to be part of a seminar where you had participated.

Thank you once again. Looking forward to listen to you on various women issues in the future.

Yours sincerely

Roger Wright

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