Army Sponsorship Letter

Army sponsorship is required to help the soldiers, other employees of army employees and their families. Army employees work for the national security, as they are at the front of any crisis that can affect the life of the civilians. Generally, army sponsorship programs are organized during the relocation of army and their families.

The sponsors are invited to help the department of army for providing all the necessary facilities to these families. This sponsorship is used to provide accommodations for the migrated families, financial support for new beginning in new place, donations for the medical treatment to the injured soldiers, or help the physically disabled soldiers to live normal life. The army sponsorship letters include all the details of the program for which the sponsors are invited to contribute their support. The detailed sponsorship form and the agreement documents should be enclosed with the letter.

Army Sponsorship Letter Sample

The Secretary
Department of the Army
The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia

6 March, 2006

Organization Title
City, State Zip

Dear Mr. XYZ,

It is a great opportunity for you to be a self-esteemed sponsor of Department of the Army, U.S. I hope that you will be proud for contributing in the welfare of the families of soldiers and other employees of Department of the Army.

The United States Army Headquarter would like you to sponsor the noble cause of helping the defenders of the nation. In fact, helping the army is helping the nation Millions of soldiers relocate every year for the service of the country. They sacrifice their native home, families, and relationships by living in a distant place with the spirit of patriotism. There are some situations when the soldiers cannot leave their families alone, so they need to relocate their families also with them. They settle their homes in a new place where they again start building new home and all other activities. During this relocation, many problems come into their life. Hence, our department has decided to invite organizations and corporate firms for supporting the army employees.

We have started some programs and campaigns to help these families in starting the new life in new places. We have also programs for the soldiers who are suffered the cruelty of war. They served the nation by putting their life in risk and sometimes by sacrificing their health and body parts. These soldiers find difficult to live normal life after the wars. Their families can be at the lack of income, as the soldier was the only source of income. The sponsorship programs will be performed with the help of Army Community Service and the volunteers of the local agency.

We look forward for hearing from you about this sponsorship. Thanks to you for considering this sponsorship letter.


The Secretary

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